serengeti sunglasses amsterdam

Serengeti makes the most advanced sunglasses. Not all sunglasses brands have the vision to merge 3 lens technologies into 1 ultra-superior lens. Serengeti makes high-quality sunglasses with gradually-adjusting photochromic lenses, naturally color-enhancing spectral control® filters, and glare-reducing polarization, every Serengeti lens is unique and every frame is fashionable.

glare reducing polorized lenses

Serengeti Sunglasses Amsterdam
Serengeti Sunglasses Polorized

No more glare, better sight on water, in the snow and on the road with polorized lenses of Serengeti Eyewear!

photochromatic technology

Photochromatic lenses
Photochromatic lenses

Serengeti sunglasses have lenses with photochromatic technology. That means the more UV and sunlight the darker the lens will become!

Serengeti perscription sunglasses

You have perscription glasses? And you want a pair of exciting Serengeti sunglasses? Now Serengeti makes their amazing lenses in perscription strenght as well! Ask our opticians about the possibilities!