Klenze&Baum designer frames

Klenze&Baum designer frames from Germany have been in our collection for a few years now

They are one our favorites because they're so different then most other designer frames.

Everything Klenze&Baum does is done with 3D printers !!!


This means that the feel, the look and touch is not as you used to know it.


Ultra light

Eventhough the frames may have a massive look they're all ultra light. The thick frames are hollow from the inside. And Klenze&Baum doesn't use screws like we used to have them.

Great fitting

Frames from Klenze are available with or without nosepads. These nosepads can be useful for people who have a nose where normal acetate frames don't fit well.

All the metal; parts from these frames are made of titanium. So very light and strong.


Because the frames are made by 3D printers the colors are completely different then the used to know. Come in and have a look.