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For us it's business as usual. You can come in whenever you want. We do have a maximum of 4 people in the shop so everybody can feel safe.

We respect all our clients. 

If you want an eyetest please call us at 020-4289012 or e-mail 

Please do NOT email or call us with questions if we have a models or sunglasslenses on stock. If you come to the shop we will answer all your questions.  



Opticians with an eye for fashion

High standards of eye care, experienced opticians and designer eyewear. At Blincq Opticians, we are focused on delivering high standards of eye care to our clients. We understand the importance of looking after your eye health. But we never neglect the customer service that comes with measuring your eye strenght, choosing the right frame and excellent advise on the right lenses for your vision. 


This spray does work against foggy glasses caused by the cold and your mask. Its looks like we have to keep wearing the masks a little while longer so better do something about it.


our renowned eyewear fashion brands


experienced & qualified opticians

Experts in Eye Tests
Experts in Eye Tests

You can rely on expert eye measurements. We also measure your eye pressure. An eye test costs € 25 but is free when you do not need glasses or when you buy glasses or contact lenses with us.


An eye measurement with eye pressure measurement takes about 15 to 30 minutes. Make your appointment for a professional eye test now.

choosing the right lenses

Our optician will help you choose the right lenses
Our optician will help you choose the right lenses

The choice in spectacle lenses is very diverse. Our opticians will advise you which lenses are most suitable for you.


From regular dioptrie glasses, the latest multifocal lenses but also tinted lenses or sunglass lenses. There are many options. We will help you to make the right choice. And are happy to explain the advantages and disadvantages for the different types of lenses.

qualified Contact lens specialists

At Blincq Opticians you can also buy your contact lenses
At Blincq Opticians you can also buy your contact lenses

At Blincq Optiek Amsterdam we have contact lens specialists  available daily.


Every patient wishing to be supplied with contact lenses requires a specialist contact lens consultation even if they are longstanding wearers. Contact lens designs have rapidly advanced in recent years, with new materials providing several fitting options in correcting even the most complex prescriptions. 


Call us at 020 - 4289012 or fill in the contact form.