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Our boutique style optic shop is located in the centre of Amsterdam. Only 10 minutes away from central station it's easy to reach by foot or bicycle. 

If you're only looking for a frame so you can have the lenses fit in your hometown then that's possible too.  It may be a lot cheaper because of the tax (21%)  return at the airport.

Eye test appointment:

If you want to have an eye test done then we prefer you make an appointment. In that we have make sure we have enough time to do the test and explain to you what the best options for you are.

An eye test is €40 but if you buy the frame and lenses it's included in the price. If you don't buy that right away but come back in 6 months we still deduct the €40 from the price. After 6 months we advice you to do a new test.


We do the test in English if you prefer that. Other languages are not possible. Even when there is an interpreter present. A test is about very subtle differences and that doesn't work with an interpreter.


Blincq optiek presents the Lindberg Precious collection

Update:19-01-2024 The first models of the Precious collection are in. These are the Precious rim 18 krt gold with or without buffalo horn. And one LIMITED EDITION Frameless model Armadillo in 18 krt yellow/black gold.


Blincq optiek is Precious dealer from Lindberg. This means that we have the normal collection from Lindberg but also the buffalo horn collection. the gold collection and gold with diamonds.

In this collection the front of the frame is made from buffelo horn and the temples from titanium. We also have a few with buffalo horn and wood on top of that.

We just paced an order for the Precious gold and gold with diamond collection. These are frames made of massive gold. They come in 18 krt yellow gold, rose, white and black gold. A few of them have 2 diamonds in them.

These are very exclusive frames and as you can understand we only are going to have a small sellection of them. If you have any questions we're always happy to assist you. 


For the new year we have some big plans. Like the Lindberg Precious series.


But also new brands like Jacquemus and  Linda farrow. 

Jacquemus is coming with big news in januari and we we'll keep you updated on that.


The Linda Farrow collections for 2024 is ordered and expected any moment now.This goes for the normal frames and sunglasses ss 24.  This is a high-end eyewear fashion brand since 1970. If you follow our socials then you'll get the latest news on all of these projects.






in the picture: Kylie Jenner wearing Jacques sunglasses at his latest fashion show.

Our lenses:

Our main lens supplier is the company Essilor. Due to our years long experience with them they have proven to be a reliable company in the best lenses worldwide.

The basic progressive lenses start at a price of € 150  (incl anti reflection) depending on what quality you want. The best quality ( RX pro) go for about €550 per lens.

If we talk about progressive lenses, computer lenses or just lenses for 1 distance we always advise Essilor first.

If you prefer any other quality factory we can of course help ou too.

The lenses for one distance start at a price of €95 per lens (incl. anti refection).

We also sell the lenses from:

Hoya, Zeiss and Rodenstock if you like.

Experienced & qualified opticians

Experts in Eye Tests
Experts in Eye Tests

You can rely on expert eye measurements. We also measure your eye pressure. An eye test costs € 40 but is free when you do not need glasses or when you buy glasses or contact lenses with us.


An eye measurement with eye pressure measurement takes about 15 to 30 minutes. Make your appointment for a professional eye test now.

Choosing the right lenses

Our optician will help you choose the right lenses
Our optician will help you choose the right lenses

The choice in spectacle lenses is very diverse. Our opticians will advise you which lenses are most suitable for you.


From regular dioptrie glasses, the latest multifocal lenses but also tinted lenses or sunglass lenses. There are many options. We will help you to make the right choice. And are happy to explain the advantages and disadvantages for the different types of lenses.

Qualified Contact lens specialists

At Blincq Opticians you can also buy your contact lenses
At Blincq Opticians you can also buy your contact lenses

At Blincq Optiek Amsterdam we have contact lens specialists  available daily.


Every patient wishing to be supplied with contact lenses requires a specialist contact lens consultation even if they are longstanding wearers. Contact lens designs have rapidly advanced in recent years, with new materials providing several fitting options in correcting even the most complex prescriptions. 


Call us at 020 - 4289012 or fill in the contact form.