Celine sunglasses at Blincq optiek

The Celine Triophe 40235U 


This model has been sold out in the Netherlands for weeks. We've placed a new order at Celine wich they expect to ship at May 15t (may change)


If you want us to reserve you one then please emial us at: info@blincq optiek.nl






The sunglasses collection by Celine is in our collection for about 10 years now and it's a steady classic by now.

If you want a classic model Audrey or baby Audrey, we always try to have them on stock. But the demand is enormous.  We love the Celine classics. 


The new collection from Celine is what we know and want from them. Thick frames to make the right fashion statement for 2024. But with good protection from the sunlight and UV . New this year are more metal frames for those people who want to make a difference. 

The focus on the new Celine sunglasses this year is on the Triomphe series. This had the Celine logo visible on the temples. This is the logo you also see on the bags, shoes and much more by Celine.


For 2024 the Celine logo is back to stay. If you don't like the logo then Celine still has a lot of amazing glasses without it like the timeless classic Audrey we always have in our collection. Ans if you want a color we don't have in stock then we can see if we can order it for you.