Progressive lenses

What to choose ?

Maybe this is the first time you need progressive lenses? Or maybe you had them before and you're wondering if you can have better ones? Well, we can explain all the different ones to you that are on the market.


At Blincq optiek We do most of our businesses with Essilor. They are the world leader in innovation and quality.


We can explain all the different lenses to you when you come to the shop. If you click on the link below you can visit the site from essilor to get an idea of the company behind these fantastic lenses.


If you choose a quality lens form Essilor the we can give you a "new" kind of eye test . Until a few years ago we did the test by 0,25 diopter. Now we can do it at 0.01.We can implement tis perfect prescription in the best lenses that Essilor has for you. If you look on the website from Essilor you can see what it does for you. But ofcourse we can also explain it to you when you come to the shop. It's not possible to tell you ont the phone or e-mail.

Progressive or multifocal

These are just different names for the same lens. It means you can see from far till reading distance without it's showing in the lens.

Progressive lenses and computer work

Are you someone who is behind a computer a lot then progressive alone may not work for you. It has to do with the division from the prescriptions. Let us tell you what you can do about it and how you can get a good deal on that solution.

Getting used to them

This may be the fist time you want/need to wear progressive lenses and you heard other people talk or even complain about them. Well, that doesn't mean that you'll have the same problems. But if you do and come back within 2 months we can see if we can find a solution for you. Maybe switch to a better quality than the previous choice ? Ask us about this warranty.