Persol sunglasses

Back in collection

After being absent for just a year we will get Persol back in our collection. The collection from the last few years were just to small in sizing for most of our dutch customers so we had to stop selling them


Looks like Persol listens to us and made a good new collection.

 And we're very happy to have them back from now.

Spare parts

Because we're official dealer from Persol we can order spare parts for your broken (sun)glasses. Take your glasses with you to our store in Amsterdam and ask us what we can do for you. 

Make sure alle the numbers are still visible in the left temple. If they're faded we can do nothing for you. Persol makes to many different model, sizes and colors so we need to see it.

Please don't call us if we can repair something. We can not see through the phone if a broken part can be mended. 

New lenses

Are the lenses from you old Persol damaged ? Take the sunglasses with you to our store and we can look for you what we can do. Make sure the numbers in te left temple are still visible. If not, we can not help you. Persol has made hundreds of different model, sizes and colors.