Choosing the rights lenses for your new glasses:

Choosing lenses for your glasses can be difficult. There are som many different shops who don't give you a choice in what you can or want to experience.


We have most of our lenses from the company Essilor. They are the wold leaders in lens innovation. 

You may think that having a lens for just one distance is an easy lens. Well, Essilor proved that they could make your vision even better and more stable.


If you prefer the lenses from one of the other big brands like Zeiss, Hoya or Rodenstock then we can help you with that aswell.


Read more about progressive lenses from Essilor on the Essilor Website or come to the store were we can explain to you where all the price differences are when you're looking for progressive lenses.

Ofcourse we get the questions about the prices that you see everywhere. We can explain it to you when you come to the shop. It's not because the bigger companies buy in bigger amounts that they give you a discount but the difference in quality. A lens is not just a lens. Even if it's just for the distance or reading, a well made lens and eye test can make an big difference.