The latest equipment for eyetests available.

Professional eye tests by qualified opticians
Professional eye tests by qualified opticians

From januari 11 2022 Blincq optiek will have the newest equipment in eyetesting. The AVA from Essilor. 

Thanks to a new, more precise and easier way to test your eyes, our opticians can now measure your eyes up to 0.01 D. Whatever your prescription may be; +2.2D , -5.32d OR -11.11 D, your lenses will be made to 0.01 dpt instead of 0.25 dpt. In recent tests hey found out that 95% of people are more sensitive eyesight then the current 0.25 dpt.


This means for you:


- a more precise eyetest

- a new protocol that compares a lens with AVA and a lens without AVA in a realisitic situation. 

- the most precise lenes you ever had.


-An eye test costs  40 euro but there is no charge when you do not need glasses or when you buy glasses from us. 


-If you want to start wearing contact lenses from us the first tests including a set of trial lenses (soft) is 47.50 euro.

-If you buy your lenses somewhere else then a test is   € 45. We only do those test when we have the time.


-An eye measurement takes about 20 to 30 minutes. Make your appointment for a professional eye test now.



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