eye test in amsterdam

Update febr. 2021. We do alle eye exams and contactlens checks. We do it at a safe way. The only thing we are not allowed to do is the eye pressure. Please ask your G.P. for advise about that. If she or he doesn't know always ask for a referral to an eye doctor in a hospital. 

Professional eye tests by qualified opticians
Professional eye tests by qualified opticians

-Do you need an eye test? Come to Blincq Opticians ! We are experienced and qualified opticians with years of expertise in eye tests. A lot of expats in Amsterdam come to us for their eye test.


 -You can rely on expert eye measurements.

-An eye test costs  35 euro but there is no charge when you do not need glasses or when you buy glasses from us. 


-If you want to start wearing contact lenses from us the first tests including a set of trial lenses (soft) is 40 euro.

-If you buy your lenses somewhere else then a test is € 37,50. But due to our busy practice it may be not possible to test when you buy lenses somewhere else. 


-An eye measurement takes about 20 to 30 minutes. Make your appointment for a professional eye test now.



Please fill in our contact form to make an appointment for your eye exam.