eye test in amsterdam

Because of the corona virus we don't do eye-exams at this moment. Please watch our Facebook or Instagram for more information. We'll put updates on there as much as we can. You can also leave us a message and we will put you on our call list for when it is possible to do the test again. 

Professional eye tests by qualified opticians
Professional eye tests by qualified opticians

Do you need an eye test? Come to Blincq Opticians ! We are experienced and qualified opticians with years of expertise in eye tests. A lot of expats in Amsterdam come to us for their eye test.


 You can rely on expert eye measurements. We also measure your eye pressure. An eye test costs € 27.50 but there is no charge when you do not need glasses or when you buy glasses or contact lenses with us. 


An eye measurement with eye pressure measurement takes about 15 to 30 minutes. Make your appointment for a professional eye test now.


Please fill in our contact form to make an appointment for your eye exam.