Rayban spare parts

Are you looking for spare parts for your Rayban? Then take your frame with you and come to Blincq optiek.

If Rayban still has them we can order spare parts for you.


-like New lenses for your Avator?

-or New tempels for your Wayfarer?

-and New nosepads for your Round metal?


Please come to us with your questions.

But don't call us for the order. We want to make sure we have everything right so need to see you frame.

So look in the left temple if the modelnumber, colournumber and size are still visible and come to us.

A pair of normal Rayban lenses is €60 but if you want / need polarised lenses then they're €85 a pair.

For that we also put them in your frame and if you leavt hte frame with us we cleanit aswell. If it needs ajusting we do it when you pick it up because we want it to fit on your head.


If Ray Ban has the lenses on stock we need about 7 to 10 days.

We have no lenses on stock because there are to many different models, sizes and colours.

Ofcourse we only order your spare parts from Luxottica, That's the official company that makes all your RayBan parts.