Meet our team:

This is the team of Blincq opticiens.

 -New in our team is Dominique: She has a 10 year experience in the wold of optics but just started the first of December in our team. She can also do you eye test and advice you about he lenses you need. She is not qualitified yet to test you for contacts.

- Aart. One of our 3 opticians and has a lot of experience. He's with us from 2020 but has worked at another company for 15 years. He does your eye test or contactlens check. He can also advise you about he right type of glasses for your prescription.

-Jos. He is another optician and has been with us for almost 11 years so a familiar face for a lot of people. Jos does your eye test and gives you advice if you have any questions. Calm as he is, he will take all the time you need. 

-Walter. The owner of Blincq optiek. Has been in the business for about 35 years now so a lot of experience as an optician and contactlens specialist. if you have a question about anything you can always ask. 


If you would like one of your team members to help you please make an appointment so we make sure you have plenty of time to ask what you want to know.You can also just walk in and see if we're available .