Jacqumues sunglasses Amsterdam

Blincq optiek is one of the only two Jacqumues daelers in Amsterdam . In June we have the new collection from the " La Casa" show in house for you.

As we all know to well for Jacquemus it has a lot of colors but in this collection also black and classic brown. All designs are coming back in the clothing he presented in te beginning of June in his 15 year anniversary show " la Casa"

15 years

Simon Porte Jacquemus streed his brand 15 years ago and is the fastest growing fashion brand at this moment.That's why we're very proud the be the one of only two sunglass dealers in Amsterdam.

La Casa

His 15 year anniversary show was called " la Casa" and the new sunglasses that go with that collection is in store now.


The manufacturer from Jacquemus is the London based LINDA FARROW.

LINDA FARROW is one of Londons biggest fashion sunglasses since 1970. So the have a big reputation when it comes to quality sunglasses.