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As one of the few boutique style fashion opticians in Amsterdam center we're always on the look for the biggest and best brands in te world of optics. For the new year 2024 we have lots of new ideas in styles and brands. 

New brands will include Linda Farrow, Jacquemus and Lindberg Precious. The last one is an exclusive addition to our normal Lindberg collection wich will include pure yellow, rose, white and black gold frames.  Some will be available with 2 or 3 krt diamonds.

But the Lindberg Precious will also incl. frames with pure gold and buffalo horn. This is all expected at the end of 2023.










News for the start of 2024 is that we'll be selling the French fashionlabel Jacquemus.

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In europe some brands are better available and cheaper then other countries.

Specialy when you can get a tax refund at the airport. It saves you up to 21%. 

You can always buy the frame here and have the lenses fit in at your local optician. J

ust ask us about the right forms when you buy your (sun)glasses) at Blincq optiek.

buy your designer glasses tax free in amsterdam and save up to 21%

Visitors from outside the EU are eligible for tax-free shopping in Amsterdam in our store. So now you can buy your favourite designer glasses you always wanted to have. But for a much lower price since you can get a tax refund at the airport.