Linda Farrow

Eyewear fashion from London

Back in our collection is the amazing London eyewear fashion brand Linda Farrow. High end quality made in Japan. Only the best materials of frames combined with Zeiss lenses give you the best you can expect from them and us.

Bringing glamour to Amsterdam

If you're not afraid to bring a bit of glamour to your life and to Amsterdam then Linda Farrow is the brand for you. Lot's of 70's style frames for men and women. 

Feel like going into town and show of your fashion style then add one of their iconic designs to it.


In April we will recieve a special made pair of sunglasses made for us. The temples have massive gold rings with on each side 15 white diamonds.

Are white diamonds not hou taste then you can order one special made for you. Make it real special worth all the colors of the rainbow. We can tell you all about it from April 2024.