Varilux lens promotion:

The 4th lens for free.



If you buy 2 sets of lenses from the Varilux range you will get 1 lens for free.

These include all the lenses from Essilor that carry the name Varilux. (ask us more info if you want).

These are the computer lenses, progressive (with exception of the basix) and also the sun lenses. So if you buy a pair of progressive glasses you get 1 lens of you progressive sunglasses for free. The discount can be as high as €600. 



Computer lenses

Essilor has a range of computer lenses with they call the Varilux Digitime. Theses lenses are Made to be used behind the computerscreen. Ask us what the options are for you. These incl. the blue light blocker if you want that.  Get one lens for free with the promotion from Essilor when you buy 4 lenses. We can explain how this works.


Looking for a pair of sunglasses with progressive lenses? Then you get one lens for free with this promotion if you buy a normal pair of progressive lenses.Ask us what we can do for you.