For their 15 year anniversary Andy Wolf designed the AWearness collection. 


Design , heart &soul and craftmanship are in every Andy Wolf frame. For AWearness they have also carefully examined the sustainability of every detail. The name AWearness carries the initials from Andy Wolf and stands for "to wear"and "awareness"- the concious interaction with people and nature. 


The collections is build of 5 different shapes in 10 (!) different colors. So for every face they made a fitting frame.

For each AWearness frame Andy Wolf makes a sun-clip that's available in 5 different colors. It comes in a perfectly fitting case so you can take it with you very easy. 

If you buy a frame from the AWearness collection you get a cardboardbox in wich you can place the fame and the sun-clip. If you transform it a little bit you can place 4 of your most beautiful frames in it. 

a frame for everyone

We're all so different and Andy Wolf understands that like no other brand. Different sizes, shapes and colors. 

the classics

remember the classics? Vintage but hen new? We've got them from Andy Wolf. For her and him. 


Andy wolf makes frames for all ages and genders. Crossing the lines is not strange to Andy Wolf. 

Let your personality choose....